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Flatscreen Television

Dynamic Streaming Service

DSS is a Hong Kong based start-up. We carry TV channels and technical solutions to Hong Kong hotels.


We help you simplify technical processes, enrich your TV entertainment and comply with your organisation's standards strictly.

Our Services

Our Services

We value your business’ reliability and simplicity. With world leading technologies and devices, we break frustrating complexities and tedious constraints to bring your foundation to the next level. 

Cloud Solutions

We provide cloud based system solutions that users can restore and control services seamlessly.

Managed IT Services

24/7 monitoring and technical support at your door. Leave your concerns to us. 

Steady Transmissions

We support all kinds of transmission methods.

TV Channels Selection

Domestic or international channels, finance or sport, we have a great diversity to cater to your needs.

Team of Experts

We have a team of seasoned experts from content to technicality. We can advise you with a custom solution. 


Let us know your need, our team can incorporate with your business needs. 

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